Committed to your convenience, we offer delivery and pick-up for rental cars at your address..

We expedite analysis of documents, which can be sent online or in-person, whereby we will check the registration and approve payment and issue the pre-authorization.

Details that make the difference

Learn the measures adopted that always ensure the quality of our services..

Our vehicles are constantly cleaned

We doubled the internal cleaning of vehicles, which receive daily hygiene procedures, in addition to after each service event. We clean the interior of vehicles: external handles, internal handles, dashboard, arm support, all controls of the front and rear windows and other surface contacts.

Trained drivers

Our drivers are instructed to use gel alcohol on their hands before and after each service event. Inside the vehicles, sachets of 70% isopropyl alcohol are available for the convenience of our clients.

Safe delivery

The vehicle to be delivered is carefully sanitized internally and the delivery person will wear protective equipment.

Team qualified for in-person service

When providing the services, a minimum distance of one meter will be maintained in interpersonal contacts. Employees use gel alcohol, wear masks and the work environment is frequently sanitized. Sachets of 70% isopropyl alcohol are available for clients.

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